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use a print as a no print

How To Use A Print As A No Print

 Let’s talk about your print PDFs as no print resources. No need to think you can’t use them online because you sure can! Don’t let all your printed resources gather dust while you are having to work remotely because you can use them as no print resources by simply opening

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how to extract pdf pages

Split PDF Pages Quickly and Easily From now On

 With this new way of working due to the pandemic, we are all scrambling to figure things out. There are so many things to try to figure out that we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and like we’re drowning. I don’t know about you that is how I feel. One

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Go Back To School With a FREE SLP Organizer!

I’m offering you a FREE SLP Organizer!  Who doesn’t want to be a little more organized?  It is interesting that in my 35 years of working in public schools I never lost that nervousness of going back to school. That first day of school anxiety never left and I always spent

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Kindness Bulletin Board

I’ve been reading lots of articles on kindness and have discovered that it needs to be taught in our schools and it needs to be experienced by kids especially little ones.  So one of the simplest ways and one that will do double duty is to create a kindness bulletin

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I Hope You Fail In Life!

One thing I’ve learned in life (and I’ve lived 70 years so as the Farmers Insurance commercial says I’ve learned a thing or two)  is that you will fail!  And you will fail again… and again… and again! At least I hope you fail! Not because I want you in

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DIY a Cereal Box into a Feeding Activity

If you have ever been a parent or worked with a small child, you know they love activities that involve actions or movement. You also know it doesn’t have to be anything fancy to engage them, which is why I am sharing my DIY cereal box feeding activity. All you

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One Game for Your Mixed Groups

Working with mixed groups can be difficult and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can target many varied goals with just a set of picture cards.  You simply need to start thinking about your student’s individual goals and the prompt you are using.  Like this…….. 1. Take 3

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Fun Summer Speech Therapy Games and Products

There is no uniformity as to when schools begin and end here in the US.  Some are in session for 10 months while others go year around.  With that in mind, I have waited until late June to write this post. Perhaps I’m too late but nevertheless, it is available

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