One Game for Your Mixed Groups

Working with mixed groups can be difficult and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can target many varied goals with just a set of picture cards.  You simply need to start thinking about your student’s individual goals and the prompt you are using. 

Like this……..

1. Take 3 to 5 artic cards (selected for the needs of your students in that particular group R, S, L, J whatever you need) and place them in the center of the table. 

2. Give your group a few seconds to memorize them.

3. Next, have them close their eyes while you take one picture away.

4. Tell them to open their eyes.

5. All the kids try to guess which picture is missing.

6. The one who guesses correctly gets to be the teacher for the next round.

That’s how you play the game!

To make this more challenging for your older students and your auditory memory students mix up the order of the cards, after you take one away!

This is how it can be used to target different goals in mixed groups….

1. Articulation/phonology students get to practice their sound.
2. Auditory memory students get to practice their memory goals with the cards and for giving the directions when they are the teacher.
3. Social skills of turn-taking, regulating emotions, following rules of a game, etc.
4. Students working on following directions and must be able to not only follow the directions but also give the directions when it is their turn to be the teacher.
5. Fluency students can practice using their strategies to increase fluent speech.
6. Language students can practice using correct syntax, you can talk about multiple meanings of the words, define words, give attributes, compare and contrast, etc.

This one quick little activity can target a host of speech and language goals.
Putting them away is quick and easy since these cards are color coded.

BONUS: no prep work!  Just grab your artic cards and go to it!

If you are interested in the articulation cards used in this post, you can buy them here:  Articulation Picture Cards and Games   Targets: F, V, K, G, L, S, R, SH, CH and TH in the initial and final word positions.

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