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Early Intervention Speech Therapy -2 1

Early Intervention with Speech Therapy Part 2

This is a continuation of how to work with your Speech and Language Early Intervention kids. Our focus with be the 24 month to 3 year old child. We’ll look at what this age child should know and how to target appropriate goals during your sessions. What should they know

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Just What Are Boom™ Cards Anyway?

One of the new directions in providing speech therapy services is remote learning or teletherapy. Teletherapy is not new but is having a rise in popularity due to our current world situation. Many SLPs are turning to online activities to use in their daily therapy sessions and as a result

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Keeping Kids engaged online

Keeping Students Engaged Online

 Keeping your students engaged and participating online is not always easy. Keeping them engaged while using a pdf can be very difficult. So what are we to do in remote speech therapy sessions?  I recently got feedback on one of my TpT resources that is a PDF and it spurred

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use a print as a no print

How To Use A Print As A No Print

 Let’s talk about your print PDFs as no print resources. No need to think you can’t use them online because you sure can! Don’t let all your printed resources gather dust while you are having to work remotely because you can use them as no print resources by simply opening

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How to use a pdf as no print!

I have to admit that I have never owned an iPad and have never really used one. That is not to say that I don’t understand the functions of smart technology just that I haven’t used one to be familiar with them. In the comments section of my TpT store,

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