Early Intervention with Speech Therapy Part 2

This is a continuation of how to work with your Speech and Language Early Intervention kids. Our focus with be the 24 month to 3 year old child. We’ll look at what this age child should know and how to target appropriate goals during your sessions.

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What should they know developmentally?

Receptive skills for 24 months to 3 years

There are a ton of skills for this age group so I’ll be combining some into one for the sake of this blog post’s length.

  • obeys 2 separate commands
  • understands complex and compound sentences
  • gives one out of many
  • matches shapes (circle, triangle, square), then sorts shapes (toys)
  • matches colors (black, white), then primary colors
  • matches identical pictured objects, then similar pictures of objects
  • understands many action verbs
  • identifies objects with their use
  • identifies body parts with their function, then points to 6 body parts on a doll
  • completes a 4 piece puzzle
  • stacks rings
  • points to larger or smaller spoons
  • understand the concept of 2
  • plays house
  • understands more adjectives
  • sorts colors and points to several colors when named
  • understands common verbs, most adjectives, and some prepositions

Expressive skills for 24 months to 3 years

  • uses self-centered pronouns, refers to self with a pronoun
  • uses at least a 3 word sentence
  • uses past tense
  • imitates spontaneously, then repeats words and sounds
  • relates experiences in short sentences, then replaces jargon with sentences
  • answers questions
  • uses size words
  • uses plurals
  • verbalizes one preposition, then 3 prepositions
  • names 8 or more pictures
  • talks to self
  • vocalizes all needs
  • gives full name
  • recites nursery rhymes
  • vocabulary of 200+ words, then 300-1000 words
  • begins to respond to opposites
  • repeats a 5 word sentence
  • asks questions with “what, where, when” (nearer to 3 years)
  • intelligible about 80% of the time

Therapy Ideas

In the previous post (Part 1) I explained and gave examples of how to incorporate specific goals while using play therapy with this age child, so I won’t repeat that here. However, I have created several Boom Card™ resources that target many of these skills that I’d like to share with you. Each image is linked to the product listing for in-depth information about the product.




Object Functions



Bundle 1st Words

I have a few more things for Early Intervention such as Animal Sounds, Transitional Sounds-Exclamatory and Symbolic, and Where’s my Pet? I plan to create more materials in this area 😉

I’ve done the bulk of my EI resources in Boom Learning™ because these were created during the COVID-19 Pandemic and there was a need for products that could be used online in remote settings.

A second reason is because some kids attend better to a screen (TV, tablet, or phone). I am not recommending the use of devices with screens over play therapy but I can see them being used sparingly in your sessions with your kids and as a resource for parents, too!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for something you’d like to see created for your wee littles leave a comment or email me!

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