Just What Are Boom™ Cards Anyway?

One of the new directions in providing speech therapy services is remote learning or teletherapy. Teletherapy is not new but is having a rise in popularity due to our current world situation. Many SLPs are turning to online activities to use in their daily therapy sessions and as a result Boom™ Cards have become a popular internet activity. if you are new to Boom™ Cards let me tell you about them.


What are Boom™ Cards?

They are digital task cards that are stored in the cloud at the Boom Learning website.
They are highly engaging because they are interactive. You must have access to the internet and either a FREE or paid membership to access them. 

How are they used?



They can be used on a computer, laptop, or Chromebook, and played in face-to-face settings or in remote learning using your platforms’ screen sharing mode. They can also be used on tablets or smartphones with the Boom™ Learning App which is free at the app store for your device. you can use Boom™ Cards for individual or group therapy, centers, Smartboards, and homework!

They offer several types of interactive activities such as fill in the blank, multiple-choice, drag and drop, and clicking/tapping to respond. Here are some examples:




How do you access them?

First, you will need an account at BoomLearning.com. They offer Free and Paid accounts. Naturally, the paid accounts offer more features and benefits such as the number of students you can set up as your classes and student reports, etc., but a free account will allow you to use any of the free or paid decks you have in your library. 


After you set up an account you will want to go to the store where you can get free and paid resources.  you can search by topic, grade, author, store, etc. All resources are sold in points. You must purchase points to be able to buy decks. After you buy decks they will appear in your library where you can access them to play immediately or assign them to your students.


Each deck has a blue “action” button where you can assign the deck to a student in your class or get a fast pin for the student. A fast pin will be good for 14 days before it expires. There are no student reports with fast pins. 

Why use Boom™Cards?

  • They are incredibly engaging because they are so interactive.
  • They save you money because you are not printing or laminating anything
  • They save you time because there is zero prep work involved.
  • Most are self-grading and paid plans offer you student reports!

Get Boom™Cards on Teachers Pay Teachers

Did you know you can purchase Boom™Cards on TpT? You can! When you buy through TpT you will receive a PDF download containing a link to Boom Learning and the deck you purchased. You will automatically be sent there to sign in or to create your account. After you sign in, the deck will be added to your library for use as normal!


Want to try a deck for FREE? Just click below!


Until later!

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