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Speech Homework They will beg to do

Speech Homework They Will Beg To Do

If you ask a group of SLPs if they send speech homework home many will say no. If you ask why they’ll often respond, my students won’t practice at home. I totally get it because most of the “home practice” is boring.  I’m guilty of sending the boring practice sheets

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Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy Cover

Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy

Keeping your students motivated is key! Kids get bored so easily these days. If you want to make progress with them you must keep them engaged and motivated to practice. There is no better way than with games. Fact: kids love games and when you can add learning to the

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Using games in therapy

Using Games in Therapy the Right Way

I LOVE using games in therapy because they really engage kids. When kids are engaged they are learning! Games are the best attention getting tool you can use. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way to use games in therapy! The

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There’s More To A Game Than Meets The Eye

 Everywhere in America as a student returns to his classroom the teacher will ask, “What did you do in Speech Therapy today?” The student replies, “Oh we just played a game.”  Everywhere in American kids return home from school and parents ask, “What did you do in Speech today? and

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Christmas Resource Round-Up

This is a quick round up of my best selling resources for Christmas. Is there any time of the year as hectic as December in public school for excited kids and keeping them on task and focused? No, there’s not! I quickly learned to just go with it or at

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