Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy

Keeping your students motivated is key!

Kids get bored so easily these days. If you want to make progress with them you must keep them engaged and motivated to practice. There is no better way than with games. Fact: kids love games and when you can add learning to the mix you have a highly motivating therapy session! What if I told you you could have a year round set of games that are highly motivating for speech therapy that are stored in a cup and played out of the cup? Would you be interested? These make no mess, do not waste your time setting it up and are a high interest activity that kids just can’t get enough of.

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Who has time to plan exciting therapy sessions everyday? Especially in today’s busy climate of overloaded caseloads, difficult schedules, and endless paperwork and accountability? No one! Friend, I feel for you! Truly I do! Although,I couldn’t do what you all have to do today I can try to help in a small way. I can make you highly engaging games to keep your kids wanting to come back to therapy!

Why I create quick play games for speech therapy

I was a speech therapist in public schools for 31 years, so I know what your work life is like. That is why I decided to create fun, affordable, motivating and effective activities for the everyday SLP. I get you!

The one resource that I strongly feel you need (if you don’t have time to prep, money to spend, or the desire to plan )is this bundle of unsung hero of games that I call Cup Games. I have no idea why but kids love these simple games and beg to play them over and over. I created 4 of them one for each season. There are 3 games in each season (one for each month) and a bonus game for a total of 13 highly effective games.

How these work in a speech therapy session

Don’t worry it doesn’t take any time to play and no time to set up. You will simply open the cup it is stored in and begin. Your students will complete a speech or language task to earn a turn to draw a card out of the cup! You will provide each student a word list, picture cards, task cards, or worksheet that will target their daily goal. Targets are not included with the games.

The object of the game is to be the first one to collect all 6 icons! All 13 games are played the same but have themed icons to collect that make each one different and motivating! I also included suggestions for varying the actual game play 🙂

Prep is so simple. For each month just print the 2 pages that will make the game. You will cut apart the color page of icons into 36 squares. Then cut the black and white page into 6 horizontal strips. That’s it! Put it in a cup and you have your game. I suggest large plastic cups with lids. I find the white large drink cups from Mickey D’s or Chick-fil-A perfect for this 😉 I bought my cups from Walmart. These will not be hard to find.

Clean up is simple, too, just put it all back in the cup.

cut into 36 squares
Cut into 6 strips

So affordable! You’ll get 13 games themed for each month of the year for less than a $1 each. In fact, when you buy the bundle the games are only 86 cents each!! How’s that for affordable? Games for the entire year and a bonus one!

Also included are month labels for you cups!

Want to try a sample of a highly motivating game?

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