6 Ideas For Using Party Favors in Speech Therapy

Here you’ll find 6 ideas for using party favors in speech therapy. Have you ever thought about using party favors in your speech therapy sessions? Well it’s a great change of pace and will bust the therapy boredom that can happen when we don’t get a break from school in a while. The novelty of those little toys just grabs their interest! Certainly your little guys will love them but you’ll be amazed at how much engagement you’ll get with your upper elementary and middle schoolers.

Keep reading to find some great ideas for using party favors in your speech sessions.

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Jump or Leap Frogs

Jumping or leaping Party Favors
Using leaping frogs in a therapy session.

You’ve all seen these party favors before. They are little plastic frogs that you can flip. You simply press on the tab at the back of the frog and make it jump. But have you thought of creating lily pads for them to jump onto that have numbers written on them? Well I did and I have a freebie download that you can print to use! Click HERE to download yours.

You could also use these party favors with any deck of artic cards or other task cards spread about on your speech therapy table. Whatever card it lands on that is the task they must do such as if they land on a picture of a cat they would say cat correctly X number of times or use in a phrase of sentence. If using a language task card they would describe the pictured object, name 3 items in a group, state the past tense of verb, etc. You get the idea.

Sticky Hands

Using sticky hands in a therapy session.

I know some people have an aversion to these party favors but I love them. You can again place artic or task cards on your therapy table and let them sling that sticky hand party favor to pick up a select card and complete a therapy task to meet the daily goal.

Another idea is to place the cards on the wall, dry erase board with magnets, or bulletin board with push pins and play from there. Some days it’s good to work standing up! You just need to place painters tape on the floor to stand behind so they will have to fling farther.

Fake Flies

Fake flies used in a fly swatter game

Fake flies? Yep fake flies, a fly swatter, and Ailene’s Tack It Over and Over is what you need! You will paint the Tack It Over and Over glue on the bottom of a fly swatter and let it dry before using. This particular glue retains it tackiness to make it reusable again and again. When the tackiness wears off apply more glue.

Whoever kills the most flies is the winner in this game, of course. After your student completes a therapy task, they get a turn to swat the flies. They only get one swat each turn. They get to keep all the flies that stick to the swatter. When all the flies have been killed your students will count their flies to determine the winner. Gross yes, but kids love it.

Flying Frogs

Stretchy flying frog party favor

This is such a hit with boys especially. You will take the frogs, which stretch, and shoot them at speech and language targets. Again you will place speech and language task cards on the wall or lined up on the chalk tray of your board and they will shoot their frog at one of the cards. If they hit it they will complete the task of the card and get to keep the card for tallying at the end of the game to see who got the most.

I will share a downloadable target with you that has points on it for use with your older kids. This time they will complete a task to get a frog to shoot at the target. They will each keep a tally of their points, so at the end of the game the high score wins.


Spinning Tops

Spinning Top used in a therapy session

Besides being a party favor to use in speech therapy I can see this being used in OT as well!

The set up and play is like the others mentions. Scatter their speech and language task cards on your therapy table and let the students take turns spinning the top. Where it lands is the task they will perform. This is more appropriate for your little ones.

If you need to, you could contain the spinning tops to a box top to keep it from going off the table.

Spring Up Toys

This party favor idea is similar to the spinning top in that you will push down on the spring toy and let it pop up and go wherever it goes. That will determine the speech or language task they will complete.

Again you will select their targets for the day and scatter them on the table or floor. Just have fun with it!

Who would have thought of using party favors in speech therapy? Me! I did lots of crazy things to make speech therapy fun! Kids love silliness and I loved keeping them engaged. I also loved meeting their goals without letting the game take away from the therapeutic purpose of the session!

Just click on the party favor name to purchase any of these toys. It does include my affiliate link and I may get a very small commission.

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