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6 Ideas For Using Party Favors in Speech Therapy

Here you’ll find 6 ideas for using party favors in speech therapy. Have you ever thought about using party favors in your speech therapy sessions? Well it’s a great change of pace and will bust the therapy boredom that can happen when we don’t get a break from school in

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Snow Themed Ideas For Speech Therapy

How about some fun snow themed ideas for speech therapy ? It just doesn’t feel like winter if we don’t have some snow. You’re lucky if you live in the north because you always get snow but where I live in the mid-south it isn’t always promised. And if you

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Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy Cover

Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy

Keeping your students motivated is key! Kids get bored so easily these days. If you want to make progress with them you must keep them engaged and motivated to practice. There is no better way than with games. Fact: kids love games and when you can add learning to the

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Early Intervention Speech Therapy -2 1

Early Intervention with Speech Therapy Part 2

This is a continuation of how to work with your Speech and Language Early Intervention kids. Our focus with be the 24 month to 3 year old child. We’ll look at what this age child should know and how to target appropriate goals during your sessions. What should they know

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Early Intervention Part 1 Blog Cover

Early Intervention with Speech Therapy Part 1

This blog post series is going to focus on speech and language therapy ideas for early intervention. My focus will primarily be kids in the 18 month through 3 year-old range. I want to review with you some goals you should be targeting and ways to work with these wee

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How to Teach WH Questions

  There is nothing mystical, magical, or terrifying about teaching your students how to ask and answer WH questions. The key is making sure they understand what each of those words mean before you start.   Several years ago my friend, Leah, was struggling with a group of ASD kids who could

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There’s More To A Game Than Meets The Eye

 Everywhere in America as a student returns to his classroom the teacher will ask, “What did you do in Speech Therapy today?” The student replies, “Oh we just played a game.”  Everywhere in American kids return home from school and parents ask, “What did you do in Speech today? and

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Christmas Resource Round-Up

This is a quick round up of my best selling resources for Christmas. Is there any time of the year as hectic as December in public school for excited kids and keeping them on task and focused? No, there’s not! I quickly learned to just go with it or at

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Keeping Kids engaged online

Keeping Students Engaged Online

 Keeping your students engaged and participating online is not always easy. Keeping them engaged while using a pdf can be very difficult. So what are we to do in remote speech therapy sessions?  I recently got feedback on one of my TpT resources that is a PDF and it spurred

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Hybrid Resources

Hybrid Resource Round Up

 Providing speech therapy in 2020 is as different as the locations in which we are providing the service! Working in a pandemic is certainly uncharted waters and we have learned it isn’t going away quickly so we must adjust to a different way of doing things. Just like the option

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