Hybrid Resource Round Up

 Providing speech therapy in 2020 is as different as the locations in which we are providing the service! Working in a pandemic is certainly uncharted waters and we have learned it isn’t going away quickly so we must adjust to a different way of doing things. Just like the option of using a hybrid schedule for schools I purpose we use hybrid resources!

What is a hybrid resource?

A hybrid resource is a product that can be used as a print page or used as a no print. It is a resource that can go either way. It is the best of both worlds. They are products that can be printed and used in therapy or for homework and they can just as easily be used online in distance learning!

Why would you want a hybrid product?

There are several reasons. One would certainly be if you are working in a hybrid setting of having kids face to face in the school 2 or 3 days a week and then working with them remotely the other days. Another reason would be that you are saving money not having to buy double the resources! And finally, you would be buying products that you can use in any setting now and in the future wherever that may be!

Try a sample of one of my hybrids, then browse the other activities that are listed for you from me and a few of my friends!

Hidden Pictures – these can be printed and used as a worksheet or you can open them in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader and used as an online activity. See my previous post How To Use A Print As A No Print if you need further instruction.

Hidden Pictures Knights and Castles for f, k, g, l, s, r, and initial blends

Hidden Pictures Aquarium

Hidden Pictures Birthday Party

Autumn Hidden Picture Bundle

Winter Hidden Pictures Bundle

Search and Find Activities Early Sounds

Search and Find Activities Later Sounds

Search and Find Activities SH- Th- CH

Search and Find Categories

Spanish- The following 3 links are for Spanish Articulation created by Talking with Rebecca.

I hope you can put these suggestions to good use in your hybrid or remote learning/distance learning situations! Let me know if you found this to be helpful and if you would like to see more fo these types of resource round-ups!

Until later!

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