Snow Themed Ideas For Speech Therapy

How about some fun snow themed ideas for speech therapy ?

It just doesn’t feel like winter if we don’t have some snow. You’re lucky if you live in the north because you always get snow but where I live in the mid-south it isn’t always promised. And if you live in the deep south it is a rarity for sure! But that won’t keep us from using a snow theme in the winter during speech therapy!


Use books with a snow theme!

Take your kids to where the snow is during your speech therapy sessions. There are many popular books that elementary kids love that have a snow theme such as: (Affiliate Links)
Over and Under the Snow
Sneezy the Snowman
Snowmen at Night
The Snowy Day
The Mitten
The Very Smiley Snowman
How to Catch a Snowman
The Biggest Snowman Ever
Snow Day
The Story of Snow
Little Owls Snow

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For your middle and high schoolers I suggest reading about snowboarding, or other snow themed activities that they may be interested in whether you live in snow country or not. Introduce them to new sports they never even heard about.
Here are a few great snowboarding books for upper elementary and middle school are:
Snowboard Standoff
Chloe Kim
Brenna Huckaby: Paralympic Champ

All these books have a snow theme and would be great to use in your speech therapy sessions!

You can use games that have a fun snow theme in your speech therapy sessions.
Here are a few ideas.

Snowball toss- whether you buy ready made snowballs, wad up paper into balls or fill a small sock with beans getting kids up and moving is always fun. There are many ways to use snowballs such as tossing back and forth between students as they practice their articulation or state an antonym or synonym, or give the verb tenses of a verb, follow directions with a snowball (put it on your left shoulder), etc. etc. They could also toss it onto task cards spread about the floor.

Yay! Snow Day is a simple open-ended board game that can be used with any target.

Snow themed ideas for speech therapy 3

How About Using Fake Snow for your snow themed speech therapy sessions!

Sensory Bin- fill a pan with fake snow for the filler and set up as a sensory bin filled with objects or cards.
Snow themed ideas for speech therapy 2 this picture shows construction vehicles with SK articulation words that could be buried in the fake snow. Suppose you’re working on categorization, then winter themed objects hidden in the snow would be ideal!

I mentioned one idea above but there are many things you can do with fake snow. If you are in the south where kids haven’t had any experience with snow why not use the fake snow (or use an Hawaiian shave ice machine to make some “snow”) put it in a plastic pan and pass it around for the kids to feel and experience it as you read them a snow themed book.

Let them build snowmen on their desks or table, then use it as an oral or written narrative activity. You could also use building a snowman as a sequencing activity!

Where can buy fake snow?
Snow In Seconds
Let it Snow instant Snow Powder

Now for a bonus are here are some snow themed FREEBIES!

Who Has A Scarf: An S Blend Winter Artic Activity

Snow Day Language Fun

Snowman Articulation Freebie

The Missing Snowman Craft

Winter is Cool Freebie

Finally let me also direct you to a great blog post by Speech Sprouts on 14 Preschool Songs and Fingerplays for Winter Speech Therapy!

I’d love for you to comment and let me know which of these great snow theme ideas you use in you speech therapy sessions! Also let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this one!

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