How to use a pdf as no print!

I have to admit that I have never owned an iPad and have never really used one. That is not to say that I don’t understand the functions of smart technology just that I haven’t used one to be familiar with them.

In the comments section of my TpT store, a buyer had commented that she loved using my Search and Find products as no print.

Say what?  
You can do that? 
Tell me more!  

She did and I want to make sure you guys are aware of this fabulousness as well!  It is wonderful!

The directions are so simple.  You will need Adobe Reader.  If you don’t have it you can get it here –> for Mac and for windows  It is a free application.

1. Open the pdf in Adobe Reader (or in my case, it is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.)

2. Click on tools then on comments.

3. When you click on comments it opens up a separate toolbar where you can choose the tools you wish to use (highlighter, eraser, pencil, etc.)  Select the pencil.

4. You have the option to choose the color and the thickness of the line.

5. If you are using a computer, you can use the mouse to draw on your screen (pdf).  You can now mark your answers.  If I am not mistaken, you can use your finger to draw on an iPad.

The following pictures show how you can respond by drawing circles, marking with Xs, using shapes or coloring in the picture with the highlighter!

You have many different options!
Some of my Search and Find PDFs require the use of 2 pages.  For those, the solution is to simply toggle back and forth between the thumbnails.

This is a fabulous way to use my resources without using any paper or ink!!

Here is a list of my resources that are easy to use as a NO PRINT on your computer/iPad.

Hidden Pictures Castles and Knights

Hidden Pictures Aquarium

Hidden Pictures Birthday Party

Search and Find Bundle

Search and Find Early Developing Sounds

Search and Find Later Developing Sounds

Search and Find SH, CH, TH

Search and Find Categories

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