Gyro Cutter for Planner Stickers

I love to buy or make my own stickers to “print and cut” but I honestly do not know if I am a true crafter and get my jollies from creating things for myself or if I am just a cheap person!  Perhaps it is simply my old age fixed income mentality.  Either way, I have to share my experience with this nifty new cutting tool called “Gyro Cut.” 

(I am not being compensated in any fashion for my review of this product.) 

I had seen several reviews on YouTube by different crafters who mostly liked it.  The biggest complaint was that it took a little practice to learn how to use it.  I must say my experience was totally different.  I began using it straight from the package with ease. 

(Maybe I’m just smarter, better, and faster at learning things than other people?  
Haha, no?  I don’t think that’s it either.)
This cutter is ergonomically designed so that you can hold it like a pencil, which is already a win for me.  It has a small blade that almost looks blunt but cuts very nicely. Sorry, but I had the red cover on the blade in the picture.
Number two, I can cut out my planner stickers without cutting through the backing paper.  That has been my biggest frustration with printing my own stickers. I have been using scissors to cut them out and then tediously peeling off the backing paper.  Too much time is lost trying to get the sticker off the paper.  I have tried an X-Acto knife, which I hate for any use except straight lines.  And I tried Fiskars Precision Knife: Fingertip control with not much better success.  I am simply too heavy-handed to use those tools without again cutting through the backing paper.  I’m that person who writes a message on a notepad and it can still be read 10 pages down!
With this Gyro Cutter, I only cut through the sticker paper and the backing paper is still intact making it easy peasy to peel off my stickers and place them in my planner!  Hip-hip-hooray!  So if you have avoided printing your own stickers because of the hassle of cutting them out, avoid no longer!  You can do this with ease. 

See? My stickers lift easily from the backing paper and they are ready to peel and stick!
The planner stickers in my photos are from my friend, Rebecca Gneznova, of Talking With Rebecca.  You can find them in her TpT store here.  They are a print your own stickers download.
DorkyDoodlePrints on Instagram has free planner stickers monthly! So cute.
Interested in a Gyro Cutter? You can purchase a Gyro Cutter from Walmart, Etsy, or Amazon!  Walmart is the least expensive. 

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