DIY a Cereal Box into a Feeding Activity

If you have ever been a parent or worked with a small child, you know they love activities that involve actions or movement. You also know it doesn’t have to be anything fancy to engage them, which is why I am sharing my DIY cereal box feeding activity.

All you need is an empty cereal box, a sharp knife, and something decorative to cover your box (even that is optional).  In my example, you’ll see I used a few more things but really that was a decorative choice 🙂

Since I knew I was using this with my Halloween Heads, I knew where mouths would be located so I cut a large opening that would accommodate all the mouths.  When you make yours keep that in mind!  To make cutting the hole on an empty box easier I filled my box with a thick book and inserted a small kitchen cutting board to protect my books 😉

I trimmed off the top flaps of the cereal box for a neater appearance.

I decided to cover my box with printed green and white cardstock to give it a more Halloweenish look.  I measured the width and height of the box on the back and one of the sides to get my measurements, then cut my paper to that size.  I cut one back and 2 sides.  I did not cover the front with the opening.

I used double-sided tape to adhere the paper to my box.  Then I used washi tape to cover the edges of the sides and top edge of the box.

In the pictures, I have my Halloween Feeding Heads attached to the box with paperclips but I think using the hook and loop tape in the corners would be better, although totally not necessary. Your kids won’t mind the paperclips at all!

That’s it!  You have a simple feeding box that you can use with any 2 1/2 deck of task cards.  You can use any goal and feed the heads small objects, chips or erasers.  Certainly this is all adaptable.  You can make the mouth opening wider to accept larger cards.

If you’d like the Halloween Feeding Heads pictured in this post for FREE  CLICK HERE  The link will take you straight to the PDF and you can print from there.  You’re Welcome 😉

Until later!  Have Fun!

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