I Hope You Fail In Life!

One thing I’ve learned in life (and I’ve lived 70 years so as the Farmers Insurance commercial says I’ve learned a thing or two)  is that you will fail

And you will fail again…

and again…

and again!

At least I hope you fail! Not because I want you in the boat with me, but because failing is the best thing you will ever do in life! 
Does that sound strange to you?  😊  It might to some, but not to me!
Failing means I tried. I wasn’t afraid to give it a go. I was bold and courageous! You wouldn’t believe how many people are afraid to try. They let the fear of failure hold them back. But not me, I tried and failed and got back up to try again!  I’m proud of me.

Failing is full of lessons! Well, if you’re smart enough to look at why you failed and not ashamed that you failed. Failing is learning. 

I’ve failed so many times I should have my PH.D. in Failing! 
Let’s look at babies for a second. How many times do they have to fail at walking before they learn how to do it?  But they try again and again and their little bodies and brains develop in balance, sequence, and motion. They learn from failing. We’re supposed to fail and learn. I really don’t know when or at what age we start viewing failing as a bad thing.  I want to remove that stigma right now! 
The question was asked on Quora what’s worse than failing?  I love this answer:

“The regret of not trying again and again while you still had the opportunity is worse than failure.

I totally agree with that statement.  I seriously desire to try again while I have the opportunity!

If you are now wondering why I am taking all this time to talk about failure it is because I have failed over and over and over again to get my blogging back on track. I’ve looked at the reasons why I have failed and it has basically been because I have tried to follow other people’s ideas for how to blog.  And you know what I have learned?  
I’m not other people. 
I’m me. Dean Trout.
but still worthy of sharing valuable life and work experiences. 

So beginning now, I will be blogging again…. from the heart to you my friends.


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