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I’ve been reading lots of articles on kindness and have discovered that it needs to be taught in our schools and it needs to be experienced by kids especially little ones.  So one of the simplest ways and one that will do double duty is to create a kindness bulletin board. 

Come on admit it. We all have trouble coming up with GOOD bulletin boards throughout the year or from year to year.  I start out with good intentions and create a nice one at the beginning but quickly get consumed with scheduling, evaluations, planning, meetings, and documentation!  A nice bulletin board is the last thing on my mind. Is this you, too? 

This kindness bulletin board can stay up for months or even the year because kindness never goes out of style!  This one is very inexpensive and can be ordered from Oriental Trading Co! (I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post.)  Also, you will be teaching kindness without having to spend your precious time creating lessons or activities 🙂 It’s a win-win, friends!

This particular product is called a mini bulletin board set, so I feel sure you wouldn’t need a large bulletin board or space to create it.  There are 40 challenge cards so I’d recommend you pick one each week and that would get you through the school year.  I’d create a tally system on index cards or punch cards for each student and perhaps have a set number (of tallies or punches) the student must reach to be able to participate in a kindness party at the end of the year.  I think if a student completes 15 of 30 challenges (allowing for the weeks there is no school) that would be great! Not all challenges are appropriate for all students in all school settings. 

While I’m talking about bulletin boards let me say they have some other really cute ones that could be left up for the year such as the Cactus one that says “In this class, we stick together.”  That is another option for a year-round bulletin board!


Cactus Bulletin Board

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