Go Back To School With a FREE SLP Organizer!

I’m offering you a FREE SLP Organizer!  Who doesn’t want to be a little more organized? 

It is interesting that in my 35 years of working in public schools I never lost that nervousness of going back to school. That first day of school anxiety never left and I always spent a sleepless night before the big day.  Even now retired I still am very conscious of going back to school. With many schools going year-round now and many starting earlier and earlier I can hardly believe the kids start back today in my neck of the woods! Since I’ve had back to school on my mind, I thought I’d give you all a treat. 

When I was working, some of the things I had a hard time keeping up with and on top of (besides paperwork) were:

  • meetings, 
  • evaluations,
  • screenings, 
  • 3-year re-evals, 
  • observations, 
  • and IEPs  

I wish I had thought of this simple organizational idea while I was working.  My life would have been so much easier and I would have been less frustrated for sure.  I created this SLP Organizer for keeping up with all the things that aren’t direct therapy.

This SLP Organizer does not include pages for your daily therapy plans. The purpose of this organizer is to help you keep up with all the other things! 

Individualize the pages for your use:

  • Add the monthly and weekly pages to whatever planner system you already use 
  • Print the pages and put them in a notebook, 
  • Bind as a separate planner at an office supply store, as I have done. 
  • Bind the pages yourself if you are lucky enough to have a binding machine!

This is how I see my organizer being used:

Monthly organizer pages
At the beginning of the month fill in the needs for that month: students who need IEPs, Re-evals, Evals, Screenings, Observations, or Meetings: referrals, placements, and annuals/triennials. There are six boxes for you to write your student names (grade/teacher too if you wish).  Your needs are now visible and you will know what is coming so you can be prepared.

(The names are fictitious…😉)

Weekly organizer pages
There are separate pages for each day of the week. Those pages include:

  • a time schedule in 30-minute increments
  • a To-Do box
  • a Notes box

You will schedule the student a time slot and then mark the To-Do box for what you will need to do with that student.  Make any notes you wish in the Notes box.

I hope you will find this planner useful and that it helps make your coming year easier and less frustrating!

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