2 Quick and Pretty Organizational Tools for the Speech Language Pathologist

I want to share my two quick and pretty organizational tools for Speech Language Pathologist. These are simple to use and will help you stay organized in only a matter of minutes!

I never felt organized and efficient when I was working in the schools. I mostly felt like I was always forgetting something. Can you relate? I felt I had a handle on my daily treatment plans but when it came to assessments, report writing, meetings, IEPs, calls to parents, and reevaluations, I floundered big time! That is why I have created these beautiful planner pages. To help you get organized in your work life with the other stuff that isn’t therapy but is a vital part
of our job.

Now that I’m retired and working from home I have learned many new organizational skills that I wish had I learned to use when I was working in the schools. The single best thing I have
learned is to be organized and have a plan even if that plan doesn’t go as it should at least you have a direction for your day, week, and month!

Being a very visual person and drawn to pretty things I fell in love with the current trend of watercolors so it became the background theme of these pages. Isn’t it soft and pleasing? I find my work doesn’t look nearly as daunting when it is laid out on pretty pages.

I am sharing two sets of organizer pages for your planners. 

1. a monthly To Do organizer 
2. a daily organizer! 

These can be printed in any size you choose. I created them to fit in the classic Happy Planner, but they print beautifully as a full page to fit a full-size notebook.

Let me share the details of each and ideas of how to use them.

Let’s start with the monthly to do organizer.
It includes all 12 months and each month has boxes labeled for
  • IEPs
  • Meetings,
  • Re-evals,
  • Screening,
  • Observations,
  • Evaluations

Use this to do a quick overview of your upcoming month. 

List all the things you have to do for that month in the appropriate box.

Just jot down the students’ name and you have quickly
organized your month. 

There is also a Notes section at the bottom, that you can use for anything additional thing that must be accomplished that month. 


You can be organized and it didn’t take any time to do!

Next is the daily organizer

There is a separate page for all 7 days. Hopefully, you won’t be
working on the weekends but some of us do work PRN on the weekends. 
You will use these pages to:
  • get your self organized for the upcoming week
  • for school work to do at home.

The daily planner pages includes:
  1. A Schedule from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  2. To Do Box with IEP – Eval – Meeting
  3. Notes box

I suggest you use the schedule to write in the student name/initial of your meeting times or
assessment times, or whatever you are doing other than therapy. 

Looking at your monthly to do organizer will help you fill out your daily planner. 

Now you are organized and don’t have to feel like you are forgetting something!

To get these two free sets of organizers just sign up for my email list. It is easy to do!

I promise you will not be inundated with emails but when you do get one you will want to open it because I will be doing PRIVATE sales and special offers on therapy materials from my TpT store. And who knows, I might even offer things not listed in my TpT!

Here’s to a great New Year because you are organized!

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