20 St Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy, Paid, FREE, and Crafts!

Are you looking for something new or a different activity to use in your speech therapy sessions for St. Patrick’s Day?  Good!  I have some great suggestions of things you can do.  Some of these are FREE, some are paid products, and some are simple crafts that you can tailor to fit the needs of your students!

Let’s begin with ideas that are created specifically for speech therapy use:

1. Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP: Are You a Lucky Leprechaun?

This is a quick and easy opened-ended game to pair with any objective your students may be working on.  Just give your students a worksheet, a deck of artic picture cards, or a deck of task cards and you are set!  Full instructions for how to print and play the game are included. In this game, the players are trying to draw matching cards by taking 2 cards on their turn.  If they match they keep them, if they don’t they put them back. There are coin cards in the deck, too!  Students can win in 2 ways either by having the most matches or the most coins! There are also game cards that say to take another coin or put a coin back.  This game is sure to add fun to your sessions!
2. Mia McDaniel: Lucky Charms
Fun for St. Patty’s or any old day! Incorporate these quirky lucky charms into your reading or language lessons (or speech/language therapy sessions!) This versatile product addresses listening comprehension, reading comprehension, responding to non-fiction text, and writing in response to text!

3. SmartmouthSLP: Social Skill Game Upper Grades

Looking for group work activities and social skills targets for your older students? Lucky you, because you will love this St. Patrick’s Day themed product to target the goals needed for successful social skills, specifically working in a group. Your upper-grade students (or students working at this social cognitive level) will work together to complete seven puzzles to “connect the dots” and find the key to “breakout” of the speech room!

4. Talking with Rebecca: Creating and Following Directions

This resource is a great way to work on 1-, 2-, and 3-step directions with a St. Patrick’s Day twist! Start simple and increase the complexity with more steps, conditions, and temporal words.

5. Alberta Speechie: Leprechaun Where Are You?

Here is an interactive book for students to work on between, beside, in front, and under. It also works on building St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary and answering “where” questions.

Here are some great crafts that you could utilize in your sessions:

1- St. Patrick’s Day Slime!

Who doesn’t love slime? So many great language and artic goals can be targeted using this!
Click the link below!

2. Cut and Paste or Coloring Activity:

This template comes from OhMy-Creative

It would be easy to print some black and white images of their artic pictures or vocabulary words on green paper and let them practice and glue those on!

3. Rainbow Craft:

There are many different rainbow craft ideas at this website, but I especially like this one because I can see writing 5 words or sentences for the student to practice: artic words or vocabulary or grammer (opposites, synonyms, etc.)
4. Leprechaun Lookers
How adorable are these?  You children can search around the room for things that have their sound. Or if working on language have them describe something they are looking at and the rest of the group has to identify the object by the child’s description!
5. St. Patrick’s Day Maze:
For your older student how about a maze?
This activity is from The Kidz Page.  They 
have many themed activities you can use!
FREEBIES:  I’ve listed a big variety of things for you from some of your favorite seller. See the links!

9- https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/St-Patricks-Day-Pronouns-Freebie-for-Speech-Therapy-4396289
By Sweet Peas and Pigtails

10- https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Build-a-Virtual-Leprechaun-Reinforcement-Fun-Interactive-No-Print-2395453
By Tech n Talk SLPs

With all these choices you should find something for everyone on your caseload!!

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