There Was an Old Lady Ideas for Nov.

Go beyond the original story of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly with some great Fall and Thanksgiving language and literacy activities!

I’ve teamed up with Jenn Alcorn (Crazy Speech World) and Kristin Cummings (Simply Speech) to showcase these fall themed versions of the There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed….some leaves and a turkey.

Everything I mention in this post can be used independently, but what a dynamic therapy session you can have when retelling the story is paired with my Old Lady felt doll!

First, let me show you some specific book companions you can grab from Jenn and Kristin.


Jenn created this book companion for working on literacy and language.  It contains the following activities: 

•9 vocabulary cards (includes cover & 2 blank cards)
•Sequencing placemat
•16 Sequencing cards with pictures and words
•Sentence Trees activity with 32 noun & verb cards and sorting mat
(includes 16 blank cards)
•Rhyming Words with 12 word cards (includes 12 blank cards) 
•Open ended game board
•Feed the Granny!
•Student mini book
•Writing prompt student sheet

Lots of great activities and they can be found here.

Next, she has this one that is all about the turkey 🙂

It features these activities:

•8 vocabulary cards  
•Noun/verb sorting mat  •16 noun & verb feathers  •Sequencing placemat  •Sequencing cards with pictures (6) and words (6) •Open ended game board  •Feed the Granny! •Student mini book •Cut-outs and picture scene •Writing prompt student sheet  •Venn Diagram 

Loaded with fun!  You can buy one for yourself in her TpT store here.

Jenn uses my felt old lady doll in her therapy and loves pairing it with her cards and stories.  Students can feed the cards to the felt old lady!


Kristen has created a book companion for the There Was An Old lady Who Swallowed a Turkey as well, and it has a different set of activities to accompany the book!

Her activities target:
Story Sequencing
Cover the Dots
Color the Story
Story Scavenger Hunt
Mini Book
Here is a sample of the story scavenger hunt for articulation where they must locate words within the story that have their sounds.
I love that you can buy different materials for the same story, but that they focus on such a variety of skills!
My felt old lady doll is available in my Etsy shop. It can be bought either as the entire playset, which includes 8 finger puppets, or just the individual doll itself.
You have a choice of skin tones for fair or darker old ladies to accommodate your students with differing ethnicities.  
The puppets or your task cards (up to approximately 2.5″) can easily fit into her mouth.  The entire puppet is a pocket so retrieving the objects is an easy task.  
See a real life sample of my felt Old Lady Doll at Booth #107 at ASHA16…and enter the raffle there at the booth to win one!
Liven up your therapy with one of these great products today!

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