What’s the Pic Artic? App.

What’s the Pic Articulation is a brand new app from Luke of HomeSpeechHome, PLLC that I know you will want to use in your therapy.

I don’t often write reviews of apps, but this is one I felt you needed to hear about it.

From the perspective of the SLP here is what I love about this app:

1- It is easy to set up your players and their targets.  Just click on your choices.

2- It is sound activated.  When the child names the picture/says the word it will activate a star. The random number of stars shown is the number of times the child is required to say the word.

3- There are buttons for the SLP or instructor/parent to judge the accuracy of the sound produced as correct or incorrect and time for the correction if needed.

4- You can have up to 6 students playing the game together.

5- Great selection of stimulus targets for all the early and later developing sounds (including J and ZH), blends, and even each individual vowel controlled R!

6- Randomized delivery of the stimulus words from the sound chosen.

7- Ability to turn off the sound activation.  Sound activation is a double edged sword.

8- Progress report.  You can select to have a written report of the child’s responses for the day and there is a place to write a note about the progress. Then you can even email it to yourself or a parent if you have permission to send data that way.

9- Price point is fantastic!  I can not believe you can get all this for less than $5!

The pros for this app far outweigh the cons, but there were a couple of things that I wasn’t particularly happy about:

1- The sound activation is just that…it activated at any sound.  But my biggest annoyance is that when my student said a 2 syllable word slowly it would credit him with 2 stars for the one word.  Of course, that is easily eliminated by simply turning off the sound activation.

2- Personally I would like the word written below the stimulus picture and have it bolder, but that is a personal preference.

So, as you can see, this product has some really great features and I can see this being an app you would use often when working with your artic students or as a progress monitoring tool.

Here is a demo of the app for your convenience.
Leave a comment in my comments section to be entered to win a FREE copy! Winner will be selected by Random.org on 11-4-16 at 9PM Eastern time from the number of you who comment!  You can comment more than once and in response to other people for more chances that your number will come up 😉

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