Stop Writing “F” on Social Media Posts!

People! People! People! You need to stop writing “F” as a comment on social media posts!

This is my current pet peeve.

I have lots of pet peeves and they change daily.  

This one just gets its attention today.

Is this like nails on a chalkboard to you?  It is to me.  I’m reading an interesting post and then start reading the comments only to find responses of “F” over and over again.  Or just as bad are the comments of “Following.”  I know I shouldn’t be bothered by such trivia when there are certainly greater issues in this world, but you see it every single day and it grates on me.

If I am stepping on your toes, I am so sorry.   However, I’m not just going to offend you and walk away.  I’m going to educate you on the proper way to follow that message you want to know more about.

Here is a picture tutorial of how to properly follow a post so you can be kept in the loop on forthcoming comments or answers to a posed question. It is also how you can save a post for future reference.

This picture is from Sarah Warchol’s FB page 
She was recommending the following webinar.  I want to watch this webinar and don’t want to forget where I saw this so I will save it.
It is very simple and takes no time to do this.  You click on the caret in the top right side of the post. The following picture shows where it is located.
When you click on the caret you will get a dropdown box with options.  You can either save the post or be notified of future comments on the post.
All I have to do is click save link or turn on notifications.  It really is that simple.

Now to find the things you have saved read this from the help center:

I hope I have explained how to do this without offending anyone.  It is like the old saying, when I knew better I did better.

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