Articulation Idea For That Last Month Of School

May is the hustle and bustle month for most SLPs.

A gazillion IEP reviews and re-evals are all due in this one month.

We are tired.  
We are counting the days until the summer break. Not because we are lazy but because we have given our all for the last 9 months.

I’ve been there and I’ve done that.  I understand.  You don’t have time to work on engaging activities, so that is why I have created this articulation activity, Search and Find for Early Developing Sounds. Just print put in page protectors and you are ready for therapy.

You choose the targets you want to practice and let your students search and find the pictures.  It is that simple.  You can choose how you wish for them to practice these sounds: say the word x number of times, in a phrase or a carrier sentence such as I found the ____ or I see the ____.
You can also target the question “where”…..Where is (the) ____? Student: Here is (the) ____.
You can laminate these pages and just pull out the ones you are using for that session.  Or you can put them in sheet protectors and a binder.  This saves time as they are all in once place and you only have to flip to the page you want. Section divider pages are included.
The sheet protectors work great with dry erase markers!  Just wipe them off, close the binder, and return to your bookshelf.  I have not been as successful with dry erase markers and laminated pages. Maybe you have?
You can create the full 8.5×11 page size or you can create a half page size. You will set your printer to print 2 to a page. Cut the pages in half and insert into page protectors (I found the 5×8 binders and sheet protectors at Staples, but have heard they can be found at Target.)  Use the cover page as your binder cover.  This smaller size is my preference. 
I’ve included detailed instructions in this packet on how to set these up in binders so that the questions are at the top and the picture is at the bottom.  
A simple set up that you do once and have for years to come. 
Although this is for the early sounds, I am in the process of creating the later sounds this week so they will be available for you this May!  
To know when the later sounds are released follow me on FB or IG.  (The links to follow me there and my TpT store are at the top of my blog.)
I hope this helps you help them during this busy IEP season!

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