Inferring Articulation Series: Part 2

Last week I shared how you can target inferring and articulation in a mixed group.  I introduced you a new product that I created that will do just that for R and R Blends.  I am continuing that series this week by showing you pictures of my latest product Inferring & Articulation: TH and SH.

I love these and can’t wait to finish the rest of the products for this series: S and S Blends, L and L Blends and possibly K and G.   I know you will love these and so will your students.  My friends and buyers are loving these and are buying the new ones as soon as I release them.  That is smart because when I upload a new set I place it on sale 40% off for the first 48 hours. Now that is a fabulous deal!


If you haven’t read last week’s post in which I explain how to print and use these go here.  In that post, I also share alternate ways to create and use these if you don’t want to buy the Avery labels. This resource is just as wonderful as a cut-paste activity.

Today I want to share another great way to use these if worksheets and stickers aren’t your thing 🙂

You can easily create a more permanent interactive activity by using a page protector and velcro dots.

Here’s how:
1. Print all the worksheets as a master copy on regular paper.
2. Print the picture sheets on card stock, laminate, and them apart.
3. Place the worksheet you wish to use inside a page protector.

4. Add velcro dots to the circles, on the outside of the page protector.
5. Attach velcro dots to the pictures.
6. The students will then respond by placing the pictures to the page protector.

You will only need to place 6 velcro dots on one page protector (per number of students in your group) and it will be reusable, as all the worksheet pages are in the same design!

When finished simply store the little pictures in a zip lock bag and file away with your master pages.
I have found storing my products like this is very convenient when placed in these 2″ file pockets.  They are enclosed on 3 sides to hold everything together and fit right into a file drawer. Getting them out and putting them up is easy peasy.  TIP: don’t buy at one of the office supply places ($35-40) get these at Sam’s or Costco.  I got this box of 40 for around $7 at Sam’s this weekend!

Don’t want to invest in Velcro?  You don’t have to.  You can also use this repositionable tacky glue on the back of your pictures in place of the velcro dots.  This is available at crafts stores and WalMart.  It is called Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over.

I hope you are seeing that there are many ways to create this product to fit your budget, style and preferred use!

Until I get the next one created have fun with these!

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