Graciously Receiving a Gift…er, TpT Freebie

I remember when my son was around four years old I sat him down and explained to him how to graciously receive a gift.  He was at that age where kids just say whatever is on their mind, so it was necessary to spell it out for him.

I explained that someone was thinking about him and wanted to make him happy so they brought him a gift.  And when they were giving it to him they were excited for him to have it and couldn’t wait to see how happy it would make him.  I went into great detail about the feelings surrounding gift giving and how important it was for him to be kind in his reactions.  I explicitly told him to say thank you and say something nice, even if he hated it or was disappointed that it wasn’t a toy.  I’m proud to say he understood and was always a gracious recipient.

I’m sharing this because I am appalled at the callous feedback left on resources that are provided free to us by teacher authors on Teachers Pay Teachers.   I am not talking about a paid product in which you spend your hard earned money to buy, but rather those freebies that every seller offers. 

I am so surprised to read such negative feedback on a gift
I am so disappointed in adults behaving in such an uncouth manner.

Would you behave that way if your neighbor brought you a fruitcake for Christmas?  No, even though you probably don’t like fruitcake, you would simply smile and say thank you for your thoughtfulness.  In that statement, you are acknowledging the gift and the person’s efforts.

I would like for you to consider this. That freebie (gift) you just downloaded was made by a someone who took the time to make it just for you.  They want you to have it and are excited to see that you appreciate it. That gift took time and money to make.  The teacher author is doing this for nothing more than to share with you. They want you to see a sample of what they can create for you to use in your classroom.  Why would you be rude in return?  Why would you say this wasn’t worth downloading or make other callous remarks? Do you not realize you are hurting someone feelings?

As this holiday season brings about goodwill, I hope you will extend that to your comments to freebies you receive from Teachers Pay Teachers.  I hope you will make that one of your resolutions for the coming year.

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings in the New Year!

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