3 Easy Steps to a Brand New Me (Rebranding)

 They say the third times the charm. I think so because this is my third blog and I am betting I get it right this time. 
I know I now have experience as a blogger and understand the commitment it takes, as well as, the need for good content!  You can expect me to deliver on both this time around.
Please forgive my absence in the blogging world but I needed to stop and regroup, or to put that in professional terms REBRAND myself.
The first step in my rebranding was to get everything under one name. My shops, my blog, my social media all had different names. You couldn’t keep up with me if you wanted to!
So now everything is simply:

That is my official business name with the state of Tennessee.
It is my Etsy name.
It is my FaceBook page name.
It is my Instagram name.
It is also my new email:  dean@deantroutslittleshop.com
And it is now (drum roll please)… my official BLOG NAME!
My twitter handle is still just DeanTrout.  
The second step was to define my brand and that required hiring the talented gals at Blogs Fit for a Queen. Those gals are fabulous to work with and are good at reading your mind, too.  They helped me define my vision when I didn’t even know what that vision was. As you can see my color scheme is coral, turquoise, and yellow/gold and the overall design reflects  what my business is all about.  It is a place where SLPs can come to find help with therapy. I love it!  My business color palette is simply my favorite colors. You see me wearing those a lot!  
The third step was to define my mission here. I’ve switched my tag line through the years and finally have settled on what best says all that I’m about. 
I’m here to Help YOU Help THEM.
  • I want to help YOU become better therapists by offering the tips and tricks I discovered through my years as an SLP. I want to inspire YOU to get past burn out and learn new techniques and strategies. 
  • I want to showcase new products and apps that will make your work easier and fun again. 
  • I want to teach you older more mature therapists about technology and how to use it. There is no shame with not knowing how to open a zip file or how to zip things up for emailing. I will help you learn these things and more.
  • I want THEM to want to come to therapy. I want them to be excited about learning how to be better communicators.  
  • I want THEM to have fun learning. Who said instruction had to be boring? It doesn’t have to be sterile to be learned. There is much to be said for exposure and incidental learning.
  • I want THEM to be the best they can be. I sincerely believe every child can learn something.
I know I can provide you with the tools by which YOU can provide effective therapy and make it fun for THEM!
So that’s what you can expect from the brand new me!
A relaunch this big deserves some celebrating, so that’s what we’re going to do!
I have some truly amazing friends who wanted to celebrate this accomplishment with me and have so very graciously donated their merchandise so we can make this a really big and fun giveaway!
Just look at what you can WIN!

Prize Package 1
Prize Package 2
Prize Package 3

Prize Package 4

Prize Package 5
Bonus Prizes

Five (5) lucky people will WIN one of these prize packages!

Just enter with the Rafflecopter below!  Entering to win will be easy and helpful to you. Each section you enter the more chances you have of winning! You just need to follow each of my new sites.  This way you have the new name and correct urls. That’s a win in itself 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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