What’s New in September?

I have decided to start a monthly post about what new’s in my store each month.


Because so many people don’t always catch my FaceBook posts or Instagram postings about a new product.


Because neither FB nor IG posts are chronological anymore. (Insert angry face.)

At this point, I need to remind you to follow me on TpT . This way you will at least get the daily emails from TpT that show new products from your favorite teacher-authors.  Then you’ll know in time to take advantage of my generous new product discount!


Because I now offer all new products at a discounted price of 50% off for the first 24 hours! I wait until those TpT emails are sent before starting the clock on the 24 hr window 🙂


Because the monthly #SLPMustHave sales are no longer 50% off.

Ok, now that we have that settled, I’ll go on with my post.

I have been busier than normal this month in creating products for you!
My focus has been on creating hidden pictures for your articulation students. I have tried a couple of different layouts in my previous products and your feedback has directed me in this new direction.

Older Hidden Pictures: 
These resources offer only one scene but include several sounds in the one packet. My thinking was you could use it with the bulk of your artic caseload. 

Newly Created Hidden Pictures:
You guys loved my hidden pictures but wanted more than one scene, so that is what I have done!  I have created sound specific hidden pictures with six different autumn scenes.

Buy the bundle and save 20%

They are so colorful and engaging.  You can use them as a print or NO Print.  If you need instructions on how to use a PDF as a no print, you can read my post
about that here.

I hand-created these 6 scenes: 
You will notice I did 4 generic fall scenes and only one for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I want you to be able to use these all through fall and not just for the two holidays.

  • apple picking
  • pumpkin cart
  • sunflower field
  • cornfield
  • Halloween night
  • Thanksgiving feast
The packets include a black and white version as well. I must say the black and white version makes the task more difficult, so if you have kids who need a little more challenging task (like those older students) use those!  The B/W version is also great for homework!

You will find I included “cheat sheets” that have the B/W pictures of the items they are to find for each separate page.  There is also a wordlist on that page as well.

And lastly, there are answer keys for each page.  You will see the hidden pictures are in color on a black and white page, so you can easily recognize them. 

Each page has 10 words to find and each packet targets the letter sound in the initial, medial, and final position of words. The blends are only targeted in the initial position of words.  There are 60 words total.

I hope to create for all the seasons!

So that’s it. What do you think? Do you love it?

For your convenience links to the products are below.

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