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Stop Writing “F” on Social Media Posts!

People! People! People! You need to stop writing “F” as a comment on social media posts! This is my current pet peeve. I have lots of pet peeves and they change daily.   This one just gets its attention today. Is this like nails on a chalkboard to you?  It

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My Best Tips for Eliciting the K Sound.

I originally wrote this post on April 18, 2011. My how time flies! I have often felt baffled as to why kids cannot produce /k/ when developmentally we make posterior sounds before anterior. Think about it, a baby’s first sounds are goo-goo and ga-ga, so isn’t /k/ just a naturally developing

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My Best Tips for Teaching SH and CH

I hope you have been enjoying reading this series as much as I have been enjoying writing it.  Today we look at a few tips and tricks to elicit SH and CH. Certainly, this is not everything you need to know. These are just some tips that have been proven useful and

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20 Great TpT Products Just for L and L Blends

I have curated 20 great TpT products just for L and L blends.  Who can’t use new activities when working on artic?  But before I share those, here are a few things from me 🙂 Articulation Workbook for L L Cards for Articulation 20 Great Products From Your Favorite Sellers: some are

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My Best Tips for Eliciting the L Sound

The L sound is usually so easy to correct. It’s the “singing sound  la-la-la-la-la.” Kids can pick up and imitate that so easily, right? For the most part, but it never fails one kid will come along who just cannot get the correct position. What do you do for that child?  Today

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Guest Post on Social Language by Heidi Britz

I am over the moon excited that Heidi Britz is guest blogging for us today on Social Language.  It is one of the areas that I feel very inadequate in and I thought I’d ask her how and where one gets started when we get a student with these needs on

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25 FUN Therapy Resources Just for S

This is a follow-up to My 6 Best Tips for Eliciting the S Sound post.  I hope you found a tip or two to try if you are having difficulty getting a good /s/ sound. Several people commented that they really liked the round of materials that I did last

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My 6 BEST Tips for Eliciting the S Sound

Today we will be focusing on tips and tricks for eliciting /s/. There is much to say concerning the different error patterns for /s/ and I don’t like long blog posts (reading or writing them) so I’m reserving tips and tricks for the lateral /s/ as a separate entry. We

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