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Go Back To School With a FREE SLP Organizer!

I’m offering you a FREE SLP Organizer!  Who doesn’t want to be a little more organized?  It is interesting that in my 35 years of working in public schools I never lost that nervousness of going back to school. That first day of school anxiety never left and I always spent

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Actually Save Money With DIY Planner Paper

Save Money with DIY Lined paper for Your Planner. This is the last installment (for now) about planners.  If you’ve ever looked at the price of additional sheets of paper for your planner you will be surprised to see they cost more than you’d think. I needed a cheaper way

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Quick and Easy DIY Planner Dashboards

Quick and Easy DIY Planner Dashboards You Can Do. As promised here is a tutorial for making your own quick and easy planner dividers or dashboards as they are called in the planner world. The tools that I am featuring are all the things I used to create the ones

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