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Snow Themed Ideas For Speech Therapy

How about some fun snow themed ideas for speech therapy ? It just doesn’t feel like winter if we don’t have some snow. You’re lucky if you live in the north because you always get snow but where I live in the mid-south it isn’t always promised. And if you

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Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy Cover

Highly Motivating Games for Speech Therapy

Keeping your students motivated is key! Kids get bored so easily these days. If you want to make progress with them you must keep them engaged and motivated to practice. There is no better way than with games. Fact: kids love games and when you can add learning to the

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There’s More To A Game Than Meets The Eye

 Everywhere in America as a student returns to his classroom the teacher will ask, “What did you do in Speech Therapy today?” The student replies, “Oh we just played a game.”  Everywhere in American kids return home from school and parents ask, “What did you do in Speech today? and

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A Ghostly Good Time in Speech Therapy!

I love to mix it up in my speech therapy sessions.  I especially love it when a simple activity such as this Ghostly Good Time activity can be used by all my groups. Then the icing on the cake comes from being able to use it for the two weeks leading

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Resources Just for R

On Monday, I shared my 8 Best Tips and Techniques for the R sound, so today I thought I’d do a follow-up post on some amazing products that you can use when your focus is solely on the R. These will meet your needs very nicely.  Sometimes kids have been in

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What do you do when you have no laminate?

What do you so when you have no laminate, but you want to make that gameboard for therapy today? IMPROVISE! As the old saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I wanted my game to be large enough so that my larger groups could play it.  I

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