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20 Great TpT Products Just for L and L Blends

I have curated 20 great TpT products just for L and L blends.  Who can’t use new activities when working on artic?  But before I share those, here are a few things from me 🙂 Articulation Workbook for L L Cards for Articulation 20 Great Products From Your Favorite Sellers: some are

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My 8 Best Tips for Eliciting the R Sound.

When I was blogging as 2 Gals Speech Products a few years back, I wrote of series of posts on how to elicit the most common articulation sounds.  I want to revise and update that series because it was so well liked by so many beginning SLPs. I’m going to

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What’s the Pic Artic? App.

What’s the Pic Articulation is a brand new app from Luke of HomeSpeechHome, PLLC that I know you will want to use in your therapy. I don’t often write reviews of apps, but this is one I felt you needed to hear about it. From the perspective of the SLP

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