Murphy’s Law and other Annoyances of Life

Murphy’s Law and other Annoyances of Life

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
That has been the recurring theme of my summer.  I decided to relocate to North Carolina to be near family. A joyful decision for sure but a most taxing move to execute. If something could go wrong it did from start to finish.

However, I sit here today to share that I am at the end of the move and I did indeed live to tell about it.  Although there were days in which I was beginning to question the wisdom of my decision. There were so many stressful annoying things that happened.
  • a moving truck that was too small to carry all my belongings
  • having to rent another truck to pick up the remainder of my boxes and furniture
  • having to pay twice the amount for the move
  • my tools were stolen
  • some furniture arrived broken and a few items missing
  • difficulties with banks and delays in proceeds processing
  • rescheduling the closing date
  • rescheduling deliveries and installation of services
  • finding places to live for 2 weeks
  • living without refrigeration for 2 weeks after moving into new home
  • living without internet for 3 weeks (that was the hardest)
  • no TV nor audiobooks (ghastly)

Yes, if it could go wrong it did!

As a side note: Spectrum couldn’t install my internet service for over 2 weeks but ATT did the install in less than 24 hours of my initial phone call and that included digging and running the new fiber optic cable. Shame on Spectrum but kudos to ATT! 

But in the end, everything always works out.  It always does,  Being human we stress, lose sleep, and give ourselves ulcers worrying about issues that we can’t control. I’m guilty of this but hopefully, I can remember everything will be ok as I go forward in my new home and new life here in North Carolina!

Now for the things that did go right:

  • I got the condo I wanted in the neighborhood that I wanted.
  • I am near family.
  • I have been healthy through this move except for my old knees.
  • I have friends and family who love me and took me in.
  • I have fabulous new appliances.
  • I now have a dedicated office space.
  • Looking out my office window at dusk I am often treated to the sight of deer walking by.

Yes, it was stressful and hard and seemingly never-ending, but in the end oh so worth it! 

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